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First Impressions (Two Very Different Wines)

People often say first impressions are important. Many people are quite happy to make important decisions based on first impressions, and it pays to be aware of that in our own lives. The same is the case for wine. So … Continue reading

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The Plumpton Riots (Keep Calm and Carignan)

Do excuse my continued obsession with obscure musical puns in the title, and also excuse me writing about something a little different today. Last week I had the pleasure to visit Plumpton College in Sussex. It was only my second … Continue reading

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On Rocky Ground, Again

I first wrote about “minerality” under the title “The Rudest Word in Wine” back in August 2015, and I guess that title sums up the approach of many wine pros. I think, re-reading that article, in some ways it probably … Continue reading

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Is It All Tosh? (more on subjectivity)

There is a thought provoking article in World of Fine Wine 51 (2016 Q1) on subjectivity in wine appreciation. It was written by Steve Slatcher, who I’ve never met, but know quite well through the wine discussion forum on … Continue reading

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New Glasses – Should’ve Gone to Spec Savers

You’d have thought that the readers of the Daily Telegraph were as au fait as anyone with the appropriate stemware for Champagne. In an article on 27 December written by Camilla Turner, the author recommended flutes over the bad old coupe. That … Continue reading

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The Rudest Word in Wine

“MINERALITY” For some it’s not even a word. It’s not in my dictionary. Yet few concepts in wine, not even terroir, excite the angry to expletives more than this harmless word can! For some the idea that there’s a mineral … Continue reading

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