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Luis Gutiérrez “The New Vignerons” (Book Review)

When Luis Gutiérrez’s book The New Vignerons was published back in 2017 I sat up and took note, but although I can stretch to struggling through wine books in French, I know my Spanish would not have got me past the first … Continue reading

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The Wines Of Germany by Anne Krebiehl MW (book review)

A new book on Germany is a welcome addition to the wine library of any serious wine lover. There isn’t a lot of literature on German wine out there. My previous go-to for a work on the whole country would … Continue reading

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Let Me Tell You A Little About Shoalhaven Coast

Australia is brimming with new wine regions. Just as we get used to Tumbarumba and Hastings River in New South Wales we hear that Willyarup, within the wider Margaret River appellation, has just been given approval. One region you may … Continue reading

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Godforsaken Grapes (Book Review)

I’d been aware of Jason Wilson’s Godforsaken Grapes (2018) for some time, but it had never really registered as a book I needed to read until an American friend recommended it in the strongest terms. I think what had put me off, … Continue reading

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Swiss Wine by Sue Style

To give it its proper title, Sue Style’s latest book is The Landscape of Swiss Wine – A Wine-Lover’s Tour of Switzerland. Now you all know that I’m a bit of a fan of Swiss Wines, and from time to time … Continue reading

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Wink Lorch’s Wines of the French Alps

It is five years since Wink Lorch self-published her Jura Wine. Over those five years since publication this award winning book has proved an invaluable guide to a region which has gone from backwater to trend setter over less than two … Continue reading

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Pipette and Other Vinous Writing

Having reached its third Issue in what seems like no time at all, it’s about time I reviewed Pipette, an independent magazine running to three issues per year, coming out in February, June and October (Issue 4 is scheduled for November … Continue reading

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Flawless…it pretty much is

Flawless is the latest book by Dr Jamie Goode. It’s slightly unusual. The book is, as its sub-title explains, about understanding wine faults. This is a highly technical subject, but one that is naturally of interest to keen amateurs as … Continue reading

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Amber Revolution by Simon J Woolf

Every so often the near desert that is wine publishing comes up with something welcome and really interesting. Wink Lorch’s Jura Wine and John Szabo’s Volcanic Wines come to mind. Simon Woolf’s Amber Revolution fits firmly in that category, and has generated … Continue reading

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Bursting Bubbles – Robert Walters, and Some Thoughts on the Grower Champagne Philosophy

You will recall that I made Champagne by Peter Liem my wine book of last year. That expertly written book which puts terroir at its heart was the outstanding work on wine, in my view, in the whole of 2017. Bursting Bubbles by Australian author Robert Walters follows a similar … Continue reading

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