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Amber Revolution by Simon J Woolf

Every so often the near desert that is wine publishing comes up with something welcome and really interesting. Wink Lorch’s Jura Wine and John Szabo’s Volcanic Wines come to mind. Simon Woolf’s Amber Revolution fits firmly in that category, and has generated … Continue reading

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Bursting Bubbles – Robert Walters, and Some Thoughts on the Grower Champagne Philosophy

You will recall that I made Champagne by Peter Liem my wine book of last year. That expertly written book which puts terroir at its heart was the outstanding work on wine, in my view, in the whole of 2017. Bursting Bubbles by Australian author Robert Walters follows a similar … Continue reading

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Terre Magazine

In the digital age print media struggles with wine journalism. Whilst newspapers cull their wine columns, the old established Wine Press, or at least those magazines that remain, are forever trying to come up with new ideas to increase revenue, … Continue reading

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Social Me, Dear!

William Kelley’s piece on wine and social media in the new edition of Noble Rot got me thinking (and James Springall’s cartoons got me laughing out loud, spot on!). If you are reading this Blog Post, you may well have … Continue reading

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Back to the Future

I do write the occasional Review of a wine book, or DVD, though I haven’t done so recently. I haven’t actually read any new wine books for a while, not since Stephen Brook’s Wines of Austria, and that was almost … Continue reading

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On Rocky Ground, Again

I first wrote about “minerality” under the title “The Rudest Word in Wine” back in August 2015, and I guess that title sums up the approach of many wine pros. I think, re-reading that article, in some ways it probably … Continue reading

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Of Austria and Ostriches

If you read this Blog regularly you’ll know what I think of Austria – it’s the most exciting wine country in Europe right now. Let’s face it, I’ve probably written that phrase enough times this year for it to have … Continue reading

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Is It All Tosh? (more on subjectivity)

There is a thought provoking article in World of Fine Wine 51 (2016 Q1) on subjectivity in wine appreciation. It was written by Steve Slatcher, who I’ve never met, but know quite well through the wine discussion forum on … Continue reading

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Nuevo Argentina – The Maverick Michelini Brothers

The following article was contributed by Dave Stenton. Dave is the other half of the partnership behind the Oddities lunches at Rochelle Canteen, which regular readers will see written up on this Blog. He also organises regular wine dinners, such as … Continue reading

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Sweaty Gym Shoes on Hot Tarmac

The Tasting Note as a form of wine critique is not new. It was around long before Michael Broadbent first published his detailed observations. He reputedly has over 90,000 of them in his famous notebooks. But Broadbent certainly established this concise … Continue reading

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