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Liem and Larmat – A Perfect Combination

Like most people, I imagine, I came to appreciate Champagne first as a celebratory drink. Most often it was the non-vintage wine of a well known Grande Marque, or occasionally a vintage wine, consumed several years too soon. But in … Continue reading

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Terre Magazine

In the digital age print media struggles with wine journalism. Whilst newspapers cull their wine columns, the old established Wine Press, or at least those magazines that remain, are forever trying to come up with new ideas to increase revenue, … Continue reading

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Volcanic Wines

When I was at school I loved Geography. I’m sure it’s where my passion for travel came from. I think I was pretty young when I studied volcanoes, but they made a big impression, as did the consequences of their … Continue reading

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Savoie Fare

This article is really a bit of a plea for your help, though it’s not for myself that I ask it. I’ve been drinking the wines of Savoie for even longer than I’ve been drinking Jura, but back in the … Continue reading

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Back to the Future

I do write the occasional Review of a wine book, or DVD, though I haven’t done so recently. I haven’t actually read any new wine books for a while, not since Stephen Brook’s Wines of Austria, and that was almost … Continue reading

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Of Austria and Ostriches

If you read this Blog regularly you’ll know what I think of Austria – it’s the most exciting wine country in Europe right now. Let’s face it, I’ve probably written that phrase enough times this year for it to have … Continue reading

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Where Have They Been Hiding?

It’s all “New” something at the moment, isn’t it. We had Jon Bonné’s New California, we have been hearing a lot about the New South Africa this summer, and we have our very own New Beaujolais (three dinners in London … Continue reading

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Exploring & Tasting Wine – Berry Bros’ Beginners’ Bible

I’m sometimes asked to write about wine for beginners, but where to start? My answer is that it needs a book. There are many of those, of course. I often find one thing or another I don’t like about them, … Continue reading

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A Bit of a Theise

Terry Theise’s book Reading Between the Wines (UCP, 2010) had been floating just above my radar for a long while. It was the recommendation of Heidi Schrœck about a month ago which acted as a catalyst to make me read it, … Continue reading

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Here’s to Your Good Health!

The ping-pong debate over the health benefits of drinking wine is never far from the mainstream press in the UK, and the same can be said for most other Western countries too. It might not shock anyone that this has … Continue reading

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