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A Lodi Old Vines with Abe Schoener

I’m not usually star struck when it comes to people in wine, but I have to admit that the wines of Abe Schoener’s Scholium Project had a big influence on me when I first came across them through The Sampler … Continue reading

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Eastern France Part 2 – Jean-Pierre Rietsch, Mittelbergheim

Sometimes a visit to a producer can be quite a revelation, and this usually happens when you don’t know their wines all that well. Of course, like many of my readers, I’ve drunk a few of Jean-Pierre Rietsch‘s gems, but this … Continue reading

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The Emperor’s New Clothes are Real

This is just a quick shout for Newcomer Wines, the Austrian specialist wine merchant who used to be in Shoreditch Boxpark. The emperor in this case is, with typical corny humour, naturally one of the Habsburgs, and whilst in the … Continue reading

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Small is Beautiful

Regular readers will know who I’ve been buying wine from in 2015, my favourite small merchants and wine shops. There is another group of people who maybe don’t get as much press, or coverage in social media, who are doing … Continue reading

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Children of the (Austrian Wine) Revolution

Newcomer Wines is a fixture of London’s  Shoreditch Boxpark, a wonderful retail concept with units sitting inside shipping containers next to Shoreditch overground rail station. The name doesn’t give much away, does it? Newcomer is actually an Austrian Wine specialist, … Continue reading

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Dave’s Wine Heroes #4 – Yapp

Yapp Brothers holds a special place in my journey towards wine obsession. My first real introduction to what we might loosely call fane wane was via Majestic’s Ealing warehouse in the mid-1980s, but a nascent love of Northern Rhone (via some … Continue reading

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