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The Vineyards of Britain by Ed Dallimore (Review)

I think I’ve mentioned Ed Dallimore a few times in recent articles, and a while ago I promised a review of his book, The Vineyards of Britain. Now I’ve finally found time to put fingers to keyboard to tell you … Continue reading

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We Don’t Want Any Crap in Our Wine by Camilla Gjerde (Book Review)

Over the past several years I have noticed something interesting. Not only am I buying more wines from women winemakers than I was, but some of those women would count firmly among my very favourite producers. I’ve tried to work … Continue reading

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Noble Rot Book – Wine From Another Galaxy (Review)

“The Rotters’ Club” (by Jonathan Coe) used to be one of my favourite novels, for the simple reason that its plot line resonated so perfectly with parts of my own early teenage years. It has very little to do with … Continue reading

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Godforsaken Grapes (Book Review)

I’d been aware of Jason Wilson’s Godforsaken Grapes (2018) for some time, but it had never really registered as a book I needed to read until an American friend recommended it in the strongest terms. I think what had put me off, … Continue reading

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Flawless…it pretty much is

Flawless is the latest book by Dr Jamie Goode. It’s slightly unusual. The book is, as its sub-title explains, about understanding wine faults. This is a highly technical subject, but one that is naturally of interest to keen amateurs as … Continue reading

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Liem and Larmat – A Perfect Combination

Like most people, I imagine, I came to appreciate Champagne first as a celebratory drink. Most often it was the non-vintage wine of a well known Grande Marque, or occasionally a vintage wine, consumed several years too soon. But in … Continue reading

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Back to the Future

I do write the occasional Review of a wine book, or DVD, though I haven’t done so recently. I haven’t actually read any new wine books for a while, not since Stephen Brook’s Wines of Austria, and that was almost … Continue reading

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Exploring & Tasting Wine – Berry Bros’ Beginners’ Bible

I’m sometimes asked to write about wine for beginners, but where to start? My answer is that it needs a book. There are many of those, of course. I often find one thing or another I don’t like about them, … Continue reading

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Wine Book of the Year

Forget the Roederers and André Simons (well, you don’t have to but…), no panel of eminent jurors, no politics, just one crazy guy who reads way too many wine books. There’s no doubt that 2014 was a good year for … Continue reading

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