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The Visitor

It’s what we do, isn’t it? As wine lovers, obsessives even, we visit vineyards and taste the wine, and if we are not the victim of airline baggage restrictions, we probably buy some to bring home. If we are lucky … Continue reading

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The Collector

Do you have too much wine? The answer to that question will probably depend on how much disposable income you have and whether you have the space to keep it, or to pay someone else to do so. I’m extremely … Continue reading

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Vintage, in relation to wine, has more than one meaning. To the group of Japanese tourists over from Les Crayères, who I accompanied with Raphael Bérèche around his cellars, it meant (albeit erroneously in this case) the pinnacle of achievement … Continue reading

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On Quality…(again…)

Although I have been banging this drum a bit, it’s hard not to. It’s like a mid-life crisis as all the certainties in wine I believed in seem to be getting replaced by a wholly different philosophy, or at least … Continue reading

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Exploring & Tasting Wine – Berry Bros’ Beginners’ Bible

I’m sometimes asked to write about wine for beginners, but where to start? My answer is that it needs a book. There are many of those, of course. I often find one thing or another I don’t like about them, … Continue reading

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Reader Reminder – The World of Wine is Wide

At the Red Squirrel Event, which I wrote about recently, I spent quite a bit of time tasting in the same cramped spaces as Peter Richards MW. He’s quite distinctive, as a tall chap, easy to spot on the circuit, … Continue reading

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Getting Bogged Down in your Hobby

As yesterday’s Blog post was a touch serious I thought I’d allow this site to sink to new depths – this is all about toilets so look away now…actually it’s about toilet walls (do you see where this is going?). Wine … Continue reading

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