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Winemakers Club, Otros Vinos and Wines Under the Bonnet by Inna Sirota

Having made rash promises more than a week ago about all the articles I was going to write, I promptly got ill. Those promises will be met, eventually, but in the meantime I was unable to make it to the tasting at Antidote earlier this week.  Help was at hand…Inna Sirota has provided some notes on her favourite  wines from this event. I hope that they provide some recompense for my own  inactivity. I’d like to thank her for generously giving of her time to provide a  record of this important tasting. Inna spent fifteen years crunching numbers in New York (banking) and London (Google) before deciding to quit finance in order to concentrate on her passion for wine travel … Continue reading

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Downstairs at Eric’s (and Doug’s) Part 1 – Otros Vinos in the Basement at Terroirs

September is Tastings Month. There are several events almost every day, so it’s impossible to get to them all. It’s also impossible to keep up my usual timely posts, splitting writing with sipping wine all day. For those who have … Continue reading

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